Friday, November 17, 2006

Payback Time!

We teachers, are all aware of what's happening in the Philippines now, what they call "brain drain". Thousands of Filipino teachers migrate abroad every year to leave the Filipino Child to teach and join the American Educational System. Despite this diaspora, we know deep in our hearts that it is still the Philippine Education that made us globally competitive. Deep in our hearts we are grateful to our passionate teachers back home for making us strong and resilient, making us wholistically equipped to face the challenges we are facing here abroad. We believe it's payback time!

We didn't really abandon the Philippine Educational System. While a lot of Private and Non-Government Organizations are dedicated to fully supporting the Filipino Child, the Pinoy Teachers Network would want to target and empower the mobilizers of the Philippine Education -- our colleagues, the Filipino Teachers, which, in doing so, will lead to quality education of our school children.

It is a sad reality that the teachers back home are struggling and fighting to get quality professional development trainings. We teachers know that back home we had to pay an awaesome amount from our pockets to update ourselves with the current trends in education. While we teachers here abroad are getting paid per hour for attending workshops and seminars. How fortunate of us! But we don't want to leave our co-teachers behind. We want to impart these knowledge to our colleagues through professional development institutes -- workshops, trainings, presentations, etc. Knowledge is power, we believe in this, we adhere to this.

We believe we are now equipped to do this, we have teacher leaders and teacher consultants with us in the Pinoy Teachers Network, even PTN members back home are leaders of education reforms. We will collaborate with every school who are open to our proactive education philosophy and advocacy, we will partner with institutions who share with us the same vision for the Filipino Child and the frontliners in the education of the Filipino Child. We in the Pinoy Teachers Network would like to reverse the connotation of "brain drain""; with PTN, rest assure that we will have BRAIN GAIN...please help us help the Philippine Education.


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TheBachelorGirl said...

It's truly a sad fact that teachers in the Philippines struggle to do their job, that's why it's so inspiring to know that there is a means to update and gain new information about their profession via the Pinoy Teachers Network. Fantastic idea!

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