Wednesday, January 10, 2007

NWP Teacher Bloggers

I posted my National Writing Project Tech Liaison colleagues' links in my entry here in July last year after our Advanced Technology Institute in Chico, California. We wanted to get connected with each other. Here are some more of the NWP TL's who decided to create their own educator's blogs to express their thoughts about digital teaching:

David Pulling = Maryland
Gail Desler = California
Bonnie Kaplan = New York City
Karen McComas = West Virginia
Maria Angala = Washington DC
Troy Hicks = Michigan
Kevin Hodgson = Western Massachusetts
Paul Allison = New York City
Bud Hunt = Colorado (I've been visiting his site as a secret admirer since I started blogging, now I know why he's a good techie teacher blogger, because he's with the National Writing Project *wink).

It's great to be able to read their thoughts and learn from them beyond our NWP conventions and conferences. Although I've been quiet in our listserv communications, I've been reading their very interesting and mind appetizing posts and I promise to join them as soon as I get done with my National Board Certification. I just need to focus on this for now but I will surely be back in the circulation.

I miss you all guys!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks for your kind words and support for my blogging! You helped me get started with this and I appreciate it.

Good luck with your National Board Certification and we will talk to you soon.


Promethean Planet


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