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I always believe that a certain kind of angst and rebellion drives people into the artistic fields. The streak of being creative generated from some kind of inexhaustible hate and longing from either the past or the present. No one could liberate himself from something pleasant, because happiness is the goal of all things, however dysfunctional.

- andreavenge-
When most people hear the term "hazing" it conjures up images of fraternities. In reality however, hazing occurs in many arenas including fraternities and sororities, the military, athletic teams and student organizations (like marching bands) at both the high school and collegiate levels.
One of the most commonly asked questions about hazing in fraternities is why do young men and women participate in such horrific and life-threatening activities just to belong to a group?
Many believe that hazing in fraternities/ sororities and in general is nothing more than silly antics and harmful pranks.
By joining a sorority, I realized that it is not just belonging to a group.
In summer 1994, after 3 years in UP, I was introduced by Tito Jojo (Mama’s youngest brother), who is a Beta Sigman, to the counterpart sorority.

The U.P. SIGMA BETA SORORITY is the first and oldest sorority in the university, and in the country. It began as an honor society, but eventually opened its doors to other deserving women students in the university.
The tradition.
The Legend.
The UP Sigma Beta Sorority, which means “summation of beauty” was founded in University of the Philippines in Diliman in 1932 and is the oldest Greek-lettered sorority in Southeast Asia. With conscious effort in following the tradition in inculcating the principles of Secrecy, Loyalty, Equality, Service and Dignity throughout the years, every Sister was carefully singled out from the hundreds of women in the University. Every screening would require intensive interrogation with special regard for excellent academic standing, fine breeding, reputation, and graceful bearing.
Contrary to the tainted notions that the media sensationalize, Sigma Betan sorority girls do not engage in barbaric activities. Rather, the sorority trains and develops its women in social graces and communication skills, excellent work ethics and service, and to excel in their chosen fields. These aspects would lead them to having greater self-confidence, better professional and business dealings while maintaining their poise and grace, reflecting the ideal woman.
The modern woman has crossed over time, political regimes, family values, and is fast adaptive to trends and fashion, but the Sigma Betan remains unique: our Grand Sisterhood and traditions keep us level-headed, having that inner POWER, BRILLIANCE and BEAUTY!

My Sigma Betan sisters could not have been more like sisters to me had we been born by the same mother. It is from Sigma Beta that I learned the very essence of sisterhood (and that families aren't always biological) and the value of rendering selfless service to others. I know that the Sigma Betan virtues, principles and other invaluable lessons that it has taught me and have been deeply ingrained in me, has made me wise through the years. The beautiful memories that have been so deeply etched in my heart will remain in me forever.

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