Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (V)

B. Multidisciplinary evaluation team members

(e) Students - Students should be invited and taught to be active participants in their own IEP process. They should be taught self-determination skills and how to set their own life goals and objectives.

(f) School psychologists - The school psychologist may assume the following responsibilities:

· Complete a thorough assessment of the child to determine eligibility for special programs and services.

· Analyze and interpret assessment data for parents and other team members.

· Participate in identification of curricula modifications and instructional interventions appropriate to the identified needs of the pupil.

· Conduct follow-up observations to determine the success of modifications and interventions.

(g) Related Services personnel - Related support people (to assist the regular education and special education teachers) include:

· Speech-language therapists
· Occupational therapists
· Physical therapists
· Vision specialists
· Medical personnel, such as nurses and dietitians
· Social workers
· Counselors and mental health personnel
· Adaptive physical education teachers
· Vocational specialists
· Others

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