Sunday, November 11, 2007

National Board Certification: The Moment of Truth...

My most awaited day finally arrived, the results of the National Board was released last Friday, November 9 via a secure website. I had a difficult time sleeping the night before, when I woke up the next day I kept checking the website every 30 minutes. I left the information needed to access the website at home for my husband to check it for me. I called him during my planning period from school to ask if it was already posted. I thought he was playing another trick on me...that I did not make it.

I checked the website from my classroom and there I got my scores, I fell short in two portfolio entries: Entry 1: Assessment Informs Instruction and Entry 3: Enhancing Social Development. I couldn't breathe, my mind was rushing back thinking where I went wrong. I had several co-teachers and National Board Certified Teachers read my entry and we all thought I had a good chance. It didn't take long before I was able to regain my composure. Ok. I did not pass. It's a 3-year process anyways and I still have 2 more chances. I will retake and go through the process of National Board Certification again, which was definitely the most productive experience I had professionally last year; I worked hard last year, I learned a lot last year, and I became a better teacher last year because of the National Board. I wouldn't mind going through it again this year as an Advanced Candidate, and I know better now.

Last year I joined a support group (a listserv) for those teachers across the nation pursuing certification in the area of Exceptional Needs Specialist, and found out from them that many of us did not score well in Entry 3. It feels good that I am not alone, and I felt better knowing that many NBCTs don't get certified on their first take.

The journey is still on. I will continue my pursuit to accomplished teaching and excellence in this profession. I will keep everyone posted...

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claudia said...


You will get there. It sounds like you are very close. You can do it!

Claudia Bezaka
Director, Dept of Foreign Languages
DC Public Schools

jean s said...

Hang on in there. I know that you can do it. It took me forever but I made it. Entry 4 was my nemesis but it was this entry that gave me the needed points to score way higher than was necessary.


Kevin H said...

It has been so long since I commented here but I do still follow you via my Bloglines. I hope you persevere and keep trying and working hard. I know you have it in you!

Kevin H.

Minty Fresh said...

Keep doing your best! Remember, it is the kids that are getting the greatest benefit from you and THAT is what is most important! :)

Bong Alvarez said...

Hi Teacher Sol,

You don't know me and I don't know personally but I feel bad that you fall short with this "Board" thing. I have been dropping by your site sometimes now. I know you are capable of doing it and I hope you can do it next time. There are only few kababayans who got the talent and heart like yours. Hoping you success for every endeavors you take.


linda a said...

Congratulations to the candidates who passed and also congratulations to the advanced candidates who will attempt again. Whether you passed this time or not, you are all great teachers. Going through this process probably improved your teaching even more. You have courage just to attempt it.

To those who are continuing on as Advanced Candidates: Sometimes just a small number of points make the difference between those who pass and those who do not. What made our entries and assessment center exercises pass is something we will never know precisely. However we do know how the assessors score since the rubrics are given to everyone. Look over your entries and have third parties read them over to check that the rubrics are met. So often something is clear to the person who wrote it but it isn't clear to the reader. As you read them over ask yourself if the question or lesson you chose is what the target student needed the most and if it would made a significant difference to his/her educational growth. Impact on student learning is the key for all the entries and assessment exercises.

I know this list made a big difference to me three years ago. I have been very happy to hear it has continued to be a source of help. That is the reason those who certify continue to read the posts and offer suggestions and/or ask questions to help. If you did pass please continue to be active to give back something to those who are new candidates and advanced candidates.

Linda A in WA
NBCT 2004

maureen said...

To those who are continuing on in their quest for National Certification, I am very proud of you. Two years ago, I was in the same place. I was devastated but decided to try it again. I did pass last year and I am so glad that I continued on the journey. All of us who began this journey are outstanding teachers. But any goal worth achieving requires a great deal of perseverance and courage on the part of the participants. This is what we do. Good luck to all.


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