Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Powerpoint Presentations

I noticed that my students are more attentive to my lesson when I use powerpoint presentations with them most especially when I use creative animations and transitions. But I use transitions and animations sparingly because let's face it, students love to apply animations and transitions every place they can. This is certainly entertaining for them, but rarely do the students pay attention to the message of the presentation.

When creating powerpoint slides for our students, we have to remember to apply animations to graphics to make a point, not to entertain. Using preset animation schemes will apply action to titles and bullet points, keeping the slide show consistent and interesting. Remember, the slide show is a visual aid and not the objective of the classroom presentation.

Instead of creating my own slides, I surfed for some Christmas Presentations that I can use for my class. Here are some of the interesting ones I found:

Christmas Jeopardy, is a template with cute Christmas characters which can be used for games in the classroom.

Christmas Squares, another Christmas game template which we can use creatively for any of our December lessons.

Christmas Around the World 1 , a very good lesson for Social Studies. Here's the Christmas Around the World lesson plan.
Christmas Around the World 2, another Christmas Around the World game where you can use the same lesson plan I linked above.

Christmas Quiz 1 , how well do your students know Christmas? The "Christmas Quiz" is a test designed to test people about what they know about the story of the birth of Jesus. Use this quiz to help encourage people to go back and see what the Bible really says (and DOESN'T say) about the birth of Christ.
Christmas Quiz 2, another Christmas multiple choice quiz. You can click on the speaker by the answers to find out if you are correct.

Christmas Surprise Presentation this is a short story writing prompt where every slide guides the students in writing their Christmas story.

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