Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Assistant Principal, Teri Pinney, Resigns

Here's an audio of the resignation statement Teri recently gave to the the school board over the atmosphere of threats and impropriety over the administration of the FCAT at the high school where she was assistant principal. After sharing concerns about teacher morale at an administration meeting in the fall, her principal accused her of collusion with the teacher’s union and forbade her to speak to teachers. She was told to report directly to him any comments or concerns related to teachers. When she did, he accused her of being a liar. Here is a statement she made on a local paper’s blog:

I am a high school assistant principal who just resigned last weekbecause of unethical things my principal asked me to do. One of theissues is that he asked me to walk into classrooms of students takingthe FCAT Science, look for anybody who was sleeping or "ChristmasTreeing", pull that student out, and suspend them for that. I and theother AP could not do this. However, the Principal did. Two of the kidshe suspended were good students, never got in trouble, and had excellentattendance. They were children of migrant Mexican workers. The parentspleaded with me and I gave in and lifted the suspensions. Of course,that opposition with my boss got me in trouble.

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