Monday, August 25, 2008

Are we ready for the 21st century learners?

The 21st Century Learner, they will be in our classrooms again very very soon.

I am a Generation X; and you, a Baby Boomer or Traditionalist? Our students are called "Neo-Millenials"? Are we ready for them?

If we look at the characteristics of the 21st Century Learner, this will provide us with an indication of what our learning spaces should look like. From Educational Origami, 21st Century Learners are:

- Technology literate and adept
- Media savvy
- Flexible and dynamic
- multitasking
- communicators and collaborators
- interactive and networked
- reflective and critical
- instant
- creative and adaptive
- student centric, life long learners & anywhere anytime learners
- have Multimodal learning styles

The 21st Century Learning Space, our classrooms must encompass these characteristics of our 21st century students.

"There is one thing worse than not being able to see. Being able to see, but having no vision." (Hellen Keller)

Take a look at this slide presentation...can you catch up?

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