Saturday, July 12, 2008

Co-teaching: The Best of Both Worlds!

With the increasing diversity of today's classrooms and the inclusion of more students with learning disabilities into general education, teachers must find a way to cope. Co-teaching allows general and special education teachers to make the best use of their expertise, and it has been proven to be effective for all students!

Barbara Glaeser


Ms. Statham said...

Thank you for making this presentation available. I am a general ed elem teacher and I recently interviewed for a co-teaching position. It was the first time that I have heard of this model and want to be well-informed before making a position. The information I found here definitley makes co-teaching sound very inviting. Thanks!

ShellyT said...

Our district has implemented co-teaching for the past three years; however, most of our teachers are still struggling with how to make this strategy as effective as it can be. Thank you for this presentation. It will be very helpful for both our regular education teachers and special education teachers!

sandy christian said...

Co-teaching takes into consideration so many aspects...time to plan, teachers' personalities and ability to share responsibilities, needs of students..the list goes on. I have co-taught several lessons with (some)math and language arts. It is a work in progress and has gone well so far. I have a great relationship with these teachers and they are very open-minded to any suggestions. On the flip-side, the science teacher I work with is not willing to give up her "control" so I am the floater helper in her room. I support my students and have had to stick up for them on many occasions due to work overload in science. Any suggestions on how to co-teach with resistant teachers would be appreciated. I do feel intervention specialists are valued more these days and we need to continue to prove ourselves as "real" teachers.

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