Thursday, August 21, 2008

Smart WhiteBoard

Boy! Was I so surprised to see my co-teacher's TeacherTube video posted at The DC Education Blog. We've always admired each other's technology skills, and have always shared our knowledge and expertise in integrating technology in the classroom. I call him my tech guru.
Yesterday, he dropped by my classroom to let me know that he already found a way on how to create a cheap interactive smartboard. I said, "will you make me one?" ...and as what a teacher would tell his student, he replied "I will show you how".
We went to the staff lounge as all our computers in our classrooms were no yet hooked up. But another teacher was there. Disappointed, we said we'll meet again today.
First thing this morning, before 8:00am, before anybody else could use the computer in the staff lounge, he showed me this exact video. I was sooo impressed! Excitedly, I asked him again "will you make me one?!" Again he replied, "I will show you how". I already have the materials at home except for the bluetooth pen and the software.
I did not forget to proudly mention his discovery during our departmental meeting with my principal this morning when one of my co-teachers was asking about a Promethean (another interactive whiteboard). I understand that our school does not have the access yet for additional funds. This cheap interactive whiteboard is going to be a hit, especially that my school is now a high tech campus already. You should come and visit our "Classroom of the Future" when it's ready!

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