Thursday, September 04, 2008

Judge Says District Has Failed to Meet Service Deadlines

In our profession, organization is a skill that must be acquired if we desire to be an effective teacher. An organized room gives a message that the teacher is competent and well prepared. And in organized environments, students tend to be more organized, more respectful, and better behaved. Is this skill only required for teachers?
I am keeping my eye on this case, and so are many parents and special education teachers in DCPS. Most of us, special education teachers and related service providers, are doing our best to serve our students with special needs. We are only as good as our leaders...

A federal judge criticized District officials yesterday for their failure to meet the terms of a 2006 court order to eliminate a backlog of D.C. schoolchildren awaiting special education services.

"I've read in the papers about all of Ms. Rhee's grand plans," said Friedman, who praised the chancellor for her reform efforts. But he added that the overarching theme in her initiatives was one of accountability.

"My fundamental problem here is the lack of accountability, lack of coordination, lack of oversight, a lack of specific people who are rolling up their sleeves to get the job done," he said.

Acting Attorney General Peter Nickles offered no defense for the lack of results.

"Are you frustrated? I'm frustrated," said Nickles, who pledged that his office would become more involved in seeing that the school system complied with the order.

"Are we making progress? I like to believe we are. Is success in sight? No," he said. The Washington Post
I am reading a book right now: "Effective Teaching Tips for Daily Classroom Use" where it says: "In the classroom, knowing where everything is --- a place for everything, and everything in its place --- makes for a calmer environment." I believe that the same is true in a school district. It is important that we see our leaders as organized and structured, so no one's life is at risk among the chaos!

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