Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A respectable veteran teacher

I just want to share this email thread with a teacher, I just learned now that she is a veteran teacher, a respectable one...
From: GabieC
Subject: I am the teacher that sat next to you on the plane going to Chicago
Date: Sunday, September 17, 2006, 9:40 AM

I loved reading the written works by your students! My favorite one is You Need a Friend by Bianka. She is so right! I loved what you wrote about yourself too. You go girl! You have all of what it takes to make an everlasting impression on these kids. Your words were perfect!

I have an adorable class of 14 first graders this year. One is going to be a challenge as he has ADHD I believe. He truly is in constant motion and will not focus on you when you ask him to. I had his brother last year who has Aspbergers and was much better than Ian behaviorwise. I think a lot of it is his mother that I need to change! This will be my second year with her and she is something else!
I hope your year is going well. I know your challenges are much greater than mine. Thanks so much for your business card. It was fun talking to you on the plane and it was fun reading the wonderful works of art these students can express! You brought their talent out of them!

- Cathy P
In a message dated 8/5/2008 3:44:34 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, solangala@yahoo.com writes:

Thanks. I kept your very first email to me date Sept 17, 2006, after we met each other on the plane to Chicago. How's everything with you? A lot of exciting things are happening down here in DC Public Schools. Catch you again later!

From: GabieC
Subject: Re: I am the teacher that sat next to you on the plane going to Chicago
Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 10:55 AM

Hi Maria!!! I bet you started back to school today. I actually started with the kids last Tuesday and I have an adorable class of 15 well behaved students. Last year's class was soooooooooo chatty but each child was special to me. I hope to have a great year with them. Back to School Night is next Tuesday so I have to make a quick phonecall this weekend to all of the parents and remind them to come. As much as we hate it as another thing to do it always seems to work and I always say something positive about the child for that first phonecall.

I read the article that you were referring to-a great one indeed!

My 17 year old daughter is autistic so she has transferred to a highschool one stoplight from our home back into the School Community Based Program. She was in the autistic program and was the only girl. She had three good years at Churchill. At least she doesn't have to get the bus now until 7am instead of 6:20am!!!! and my school is only two stoplights from her so if there is a problem I can easily get her.

I am into my 30th year of teaching and can officially retire next November 1, 2009 but everyone says I look young, act young and am just young in general so I plan to teach as long as I can and that my parents can take of my daughter afterschool. They are both 77. She keeps them alive.

I had a good summer. I visited HersheyPark in June with my sister's family and then spent some time with my cousin a few weeks ago at Busch Gardens/Williamsburg/ Water Country USA. It was my first time ever to swim in a wavepool!

I hope your students treat you well. You DO deserve crowns for all you do but you may not see it but know in your heart that you have touched each of your children..............
- Fondly, Cathy P

P.S. Wow!!! I am touched that you have kept my first email!!!
I believe veteran teachers should be respected. And yes, I will heed the advice of a respectable veteran teacher.

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