Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Special Education in DC...getting better?

Is Special Education in DC getting better? According to The WaPo, "Special Education Still Lags In District" (this will be in the papers tomorrow):

D.C. public schools continue to fall woefully short in meeting the needs of students with learning disabilities and physical or behavioral challenges, according to the report of a federal court monitor. The Washington Post

While blog hopping, I found another blog of a colleague, another new DCPS Special Education Teacher, The New Teacher On the Block. Welcome to the blogosphere and to DCPS! I admire her compassion to our students with special needs. She also shares her experiences and frustrations here.

As for me, I've been trying since last week to get in touch with somebody (EasyIEP hotline or helpdesk) to help me; email bounced back and the hotline won't pick up (too many calls probably). I lost my password and I couldn't get in my EasyIEP account, I wanted to practice what I have learned during the SEDS training last June. I am excited with this new data system that we will be using this year, I want to familiarize myself with it before a MDT meeting. HELP please! I will try the hotline again tomorrow.
UPDATE (9.5.2008): I was finally able to get in touch with somebody from EasyIEP. She was very helpful with providing me the information that I needed. She gave me my new password and I am now able to get in EasyIEP with my new username and password. She also apologized for the wait because last week was a busy week for them.

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