Sunday, October 05, 2008

Experimental cerebral palsy treatment using cord blood shows promise

When Chloe Levine was 9-months-old, her parents noticed she couldn’t hold her bottle with her right hand.
A 2-year-old girl with cerebral palsy is showing "remarkable" improvement, her parents say, after undergoing an experimental procedure that involves infusing her with her own stem cells to potentially treat and repair the damaged tissue in her brain. The stem cells were obtained from the girl's umbilical cord blood that her parents stored in a private cord-blood bank. CBS4 (Denver), FoxNews


Danielle D. said...

This article fascinated me! I truly can not believe how far technology has come along. It is amazing that umbilical cord blood can be used to heal and repair brain tissue. I found it particularly interesting that improvement was noticed just a few days after surgery! I wonder if more parents will begin to put their baby's umbilical cord in a bank now. This procedure not only helped her with her physical movement, but with her speaking. This may have been able to save her from receiving special education services in the future.

ms.angala said...

The wonders of science indeed! I should have done this with the umbilical cord of my son, keeping the baby's umbilical cord in a bank is the wisest thing a parent can do!

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