Thursday, October 16, 2008

Students with special needs need a voice at school

Students with learning disabilities may benefit from safe spaces where they can spend time during class breaks, according to a British report. Students with special needs also may need representation on student councils and other such bodies, the report concludes. BBC


Adrienne said...

SOO true! They often lack adequate social skills, though they don't usually know it, and struggle to feel comfortable in many social environments.

We started an academic support room during all lunches, staffed by special education teachers. Even though it's intended to provide support for students struggling through a rigorous curriculum, a lot of the students who come to this classroom do so because they feel more comfortable and secure in a smaller, understanding environment.

However, I find it hard to imagine that many students with learning disabilities or ADHD would be willing to serve on SGA as representatives of students with disabilities!!

Danielle D. said...

I think that it is very important to provide all students with special needs, not just those with learning disabilities, a place where they feel "safe" in school. When I was doing student teaching in a school I had one student in particular who really wanted to be in a club after school, because after school she typically just walked home and watched TV. However, it was difficult for her to find an activity that she felt comfortable in and was accepted. She ended up painting scenery for the drama club, and took great pride in what she did. It was very obvious that "safe place" boosted her self-confidence.

I feel that all students should have someplace outside of the classroom where they can belong. If that meant getting more staff, and consistent ones at that (not just hourly paid workers who probably wouldn't be there next year), I think that should be a sacrifice the school should make.

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