Thursday, November 06, 2008

Data prove that my students achieve

My grade level team met with my principal yesterday morning who was not very pleased with some of the results in some classes. She was serious that she will be conferencing with the teachers to give them more helpful suggestions to address this, coaching and professional developments will be in place for them to make sure that best practices and proven strategies are in every classroom. She said that "things will be different around here".

Was I one of the teachers being referred to? I immediately went to Think Link Learning website and pulled out the test scores data of my classes from last weeks benchmark assessments.
I was sooo surprised, my mouth fell, and I felt goosebumps all over. I couldn't believe my eyes! I was used to seeing reds in the bar graphs, seeing below basic from my students' scores, since they are diagnosed with learning disability and are 3-4 years below their grade level peers in academic skills. But these data in front of me were showing greens and yellows (green for proficient and yellow for basic), very very few reds (below basic).
I ran to our Math Coach who said that "They can get proficient! We will work with them some more!", and the Literacy Coach said "they nailed it!". I went to my principal who told me "Why are you surprised? Aren't you doing what is right for your students? If you believe that your students can achieve, THEY WILL!"

I walked down the hallway, back to my classroom, thinking of how I will extraordinarily reward my students for working hard to overcome their weaknesses in academic skills...any ideas? The Promethean Board which will be installed in my classroom soon (hmmm...I wonder when) is going to be perfect! When I showed the data to my students, one of them told me..."I told you Ms. Angala, I am learning! I am smart!" They got excited and promised me no reds next time!

It's not yet over, the actual game will be in spring. I have to keep the positivity and enthusiasm of my students up. And it's time to get more parents more involved!

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