Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dreams Do Come True!

Two weeks ago, three of my students who stay for the AfterSchool Programs (yup, they do homework with their tutors, learn chess, and play soccer) met with Chancellor Rhee.
Chancellor Rhee just finished meeting with the PTA when I invited her to the Classroom of the Future where three of our students were patiently waiting for her to show what they are capable of doing with the Promethean Board.
That night, I emailed Chancellor Rhee to thank her:
Hi again Chancellor Rhee,

Thank you for giving us your time to visit the Classroom of the Future at Jefferson this evening. It was actually exciting for my students to meet you personally that just seeing you on TV and the newspapers. I told them that you are helping us make things better for them in DCPS.

I forgot to tell you that this month of October, we are celebrating Special Education Month here at Jefferson. This technology initiative that we are doing for the students with special needs at Jefferson is aligned with our theme: "Together We Shine".Research proves that technology is a great accomodation and modification for our special needs students. As with other students, computers can help our students with special learning needs to find, explore, analyze, exchange, and present information. Technology enhances their creativity and helps them become independent learners. Their confidence increases and their social skills are enhanced alongside the development of their technology skills.

We see that happen whenever we use the Classroom of the Future. And we can't wait to have our own Promethean Activboard in our classroom. We have seen the endless innovative possibilities that the Promethean Board can do to enhance teaching and learning and we are excited to use them.

It is in this light that I am requesting one for my classroom (Room 118) for my special needs students. Rest assured that we will see growth and progress eventually because of this accomodation and assistive technology tool. In the service of our students, I remain --


Special Education Teacher
Jefferson Middle School
Guess what? We are actually having one in our classroom this first week of November! Dreams do come students are going to achieve! I promise that this is just the beginning!
Together we can make things happen for our students! Together we shine!


Anonymous said...

Is it installed yet?

I bet you will love it.

There are a bunch of teachers sharing thousands of lessons for it at Promethean Planet

JD Enman said...

Congratulations - this will change your teaching forever. Once you've had it a while, I suggest checking out the Activotes or Activexpression units. Especially with special needs, these are worth the investment. Also, take a look at this:

Joann said...

Congrats. Make sure you stay up to date with all the new releases from Promethean. Supposedly they have a big software upgrade coming out soon.

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