Saturday, December 20, 2008

My National Board Savior!

Two weeks ago I was wondering where to get funding for my National Board retake application fee, I got an email after a week:

Dear Maria,

We are planning a celebration to honor our newly certified and advanced candidates in February. All will be invited.

Our major concern at this point is to urge advanced candidates to continue participation in the process. To demonstrate American University's endorsement of your contiuous commitment, we are pleased to offer candidate support inclusive of graduate credit, payment to retake 2 entries, resource materials and individualized consultations with teachers who have obtained certification. As an initial step in this process, please notify me immediately if you would like to enroll in the advanced group or would be willing to serve as a group leader, reader, advisor.

Applications for participation are due to NBPTS by January 31, 2009. Our accounts payable office must receive our forms by January 15, 2009. We will need to have a copy of your scores to verify a score of 200 or higher, prior to submitting payment for your retakes. If you know ot other advanced candidates, who are eligible for participation, please share this e-mail.

Please be encouraged and prepared to move forward with the NBPTS process. I wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

What have I done to deserve so much blessings this Christmas?

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