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Special Authors Need Special Journals

Dear Parents and Friends,

I want my students to have as many great learning opportunities as possible, but sometimes I just can't get the funding I need. To address this issue, I turned to

Here's the scoop. At this nonprofit website, public school teachers (like me!) submit proposals for materials or experiences their students need to learn. These ideas become a reality when concerned individuals (like you!) choose projects to fund. Donors who complete project funding or give more than $100 receive photos and personal thank-you notes from the kids they helped.

It's easy - and very rewarding.The great news is that my project proposal, Special Authors Need Special Journals, is now posted at! Check it out at:

Take a look. Also, please consider supporting my students and me by forwarding this message to others who may be interested in improving education.

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Maria Angala


Special Authors Need Special Journals

I am teaching an English Language Arts resource class in an inner city public school. I have 20 students with special needs who are hardworking and are excited to proudly showcase their wonderful works in our class.

My class is using an alternative method of assessment-student portfolio assessment- which is based on student performance, and take the form of investigations, problem solving situations, and assignments that combine reading, writing, and the arts. We do not have enough binders and other supplies for my students to create and keep their works for their portfolios.

My students need portfolio binders, markers, crayons and blank journals to help them make the reading/writing connection, and express their creativity with colorful illustrations.

These materials will encourage keeping a journal, writing daily, expressing thoughts and feelings, and learning the "process" of writing. It's the kind of activity that "real" writers do, and my students CAN do given enough resources and proper encouragement and support.

These portfolios will provide examples of the wonderful works of my students, which will serve not only as an assessment of performance over a period of time but are also authentic. They represent the ongoing work of my students for the year. Your generosity will greatly help my students maximize their potentials.

My students need blank journal books, portfolio binders, and markers and crayons for their student portfolio showcase.

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