Saturday, December 06, 2008

Greek Mythology Differentiated Book Report Project and more resources

These Greek Mythology books were recently funded a month ago by and my students did not waste time reading these classic literature books. They enjoyed reading the stories of the different gods and godesses of Mt. Olympus and role playing them. I showed them PowerPoint Presentations of the Greek Gods and Goddesses before they worked on their second advisory differentiated book report project. I gave the instructions Monday before Thanksgiving and the deadline is still on January 16, 2009.

They jumped on it, worked for their book reports everyday during the second block of our ELA class, and some of them already finished and did their oral reporting yesterday (Friday). Aren't they all wonderful and talented?!

Now my students need portfolio binders, markers, crayons and blank journals to help them make the reading/writing connection, and express their creativity with colorful illustrations.

These materials will encourage keeping a journal, writing daily, expressing thoughts and feelings, and learning the "process" of writing. It's the kind of activity that "real" writers do, and my students CAN do given enough resources and proper encouragement and support.

My students need blank journal books, portfolio binders, and markers and crayons for their student portfolio showcase. The cost of this proposal is $620, if you would like to donate any amount for our class project, please go to our page.

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Kevin said...

HI Maria
HOw are you?
It seems we are running along similar channels again. I just finished reading Greek Myths with my kids (and read The Lightning Thief -- great book) and a graphic novel of The Odyssey.
Then, we did this Heroic Journey project -- which was a big hit.

See ya

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