Sunday, November 02, 2008

Proposal Funded by

It has been confirmed by via email to me and my colleagues in my school that my grant proposal (which I published here) was 100% funded already by generous donors.

TO: Mrs. waller, Mrs. Castillo, Mr. Hauge, and Head of School
CC: Mrs. Angala

Dear Mrs. Angala,

Your colleague, Mrs. Angala recently earned support at for "Greek Mythology We Need Badly":

We are emailing some of the teachers at your school to help raise awareness of these resources' arrival. Our hope is that you can all work together to help ensure that these resources reach the intended classroom.

The following resource(s) will be delivered to Mrs. Angala's attention:

- Spend the Day in Ancient Greece: Projects and Activities That Bring the Past to Life Linda Honan, Ellen Virginia Kosmer, Ellen Kosmer (Illustrator), Ellen Virginia Kosmer (Illustrator), quantity 1, $11.65 each
- Classical Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and Rome Laurie Carlson, quantity 1, $13.45 each
- Gods and Goddesses of Olympus Aliki, Aliki (Illustrator), quantity 20, $6.29 each

If you could remind your front office to expect delivery and ask them to inform Mrs. Angala of any packages that arrive, we would be hugely grateful. Thank you for helping to ensure that the resource(s) finds its way to Mrs. Angala's classroom!

If Mrs. Angala is no longer teaching at your school, or if for some reason this donation should not be made, please contact us immediately at you have questions about control or use of the above resource(s), please see our policy at

Mrs. Angala has committed to mail thank-you letters for this project by Jan 23, 2009. When donors receive such feedback, they are typically inspired to fund more student projects, so the sincerity and timeliness of Mrs. Angala's thank-you letters are critical to getting resources into the hands of more students at your school.

Thank you for fostering an environment where teachers are motivated to seek extra resources for their students!

The Team

My students were extremely excited when I told them that many good things are coming our way because they are working very hard that many people want to see them achieve. We have our class motto written on the wall: SUCCESS! NO EXCUSES!
This is the second time funded my class projects, the first was in 2007: Special Needs Making Memories.

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Marla Lewis said...

Wow! I've been following DonorsChoose for some time and now I've seen a real recipient and how it affects the lives of learners.

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