Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DC Public Schools Two Years Ago

This was DCPS two years ago...

How much have changed in two years?


Kerri M. said...

I think that most schools that were dilapidated like these were closed down. Infrastracture projects has been ongoing in schools that remained open. Will more schools will be closed and more staff will be fired because of budget cuts? When is this going to end?

But academically speaking, which has more direct impact on student achievement, there are still no books in the classrooms. Curriculum pacing is very confusing for the teachers and the students. Too much focusing on test scores are very stressful to the students and do not enhance their 21st century skills.

Anonymous said...

For students and teachers?

THEN: More play and no work!
NOW: More work and no play!

- stressed DCPS staff -

doritha said...

A lot of things has changed aside from the "infrastracture projects";

- teaching is more rigorous now
- stronger professional development by instructional coaches are in place
- more diverse culture in the Central office bringing in new ideas
- staff not indifferent to teachers anymore unlike before
- more focus on teaching and learning best practices
- new teacher evaluation system in place

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