Saturday, February 28, 2009

Promethean ActivConnect and SKYPE

My readers know by now that I follow through with what I say. What I have written in this entry will not just be a plan, I will make it happen! I already have started ActivConnect through Promethean Planet, sharing flipcharts and lessons with teachers across the globe. And I am excited to try other new ways to connect with educators and their ActivClassrooms around the globe!

Promethean TLC, Joe Talaiver, immediately responded to me and gave me hope that my plans are attainable:

I have accepted your skype deets and I will get in touch with you next time I see you on there. I think we will be able to setup some tele-collaboration from your class to others via ActivConnect. You might be able to then virtually share your classroom with another and considering that I cover VA, DC, and MD I am sure I can find a class to connect with. I have been wanting to try/facilitate that with teachers either way and I would love to help facilitate anything that could happen.

I will see you on skype soon enough and we can chat there too.

So yesterday, in my classroom, for the first time, I tried to do a webconference. I was getting ready to have a webconference with Joe, who was in VA in his office, when my AP came in with a visitor from another school in the district. He was sent by his principal to my school to see the high tech stuff that we have in the campus. My AP introduced me and asked me to share to him how I am using the Promethean board for teaching and learning and for professional development. He was excited when he left and said that he will definitely ask his principal to see for himself how powerful this instructional tool is.

I tried to SKYPE video call Joe again, and at last, we were able to connect! It was exciting to actually hear and see each other from the other end of the line! I was so excited that I brought all the people I saw in the hallway to speak with him: my special education coordinator, our Math Coach, our school IT, and my principal! It was fun!

Promethean will revolutionize teaching and learning in my classroom! This is exactly the assistive technology tool that we need in every special education classroom in the district. Will my students be able to interview people with special needs who are now successful in their careers? Yes, very soon, with Joe's help *wink*.

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