Saturday, February 21, 2009

Endless Possibilities...

I attended the Q&A session with Chancellor Rhee yesterday.

I did not have any concern to bring to her attention. I went there to personally thank her for the excellent resource that she gave me two months ago, which is a very powerful instructional tool that truly enhanced teaching and learning in my class and gave my students the confidence that they now have so that they are able to learn on grade level mastering the same skills that their grade level peers learn in regular education. If not for this powerful assistive technology tool that she gave me in my classroom, I could not have won another Activboard which I will be donating to the special education department of my school so other special ed teachers and exceptional needs students can also take advantage of all the thousands of instructional resources and possibilities this Activboard has. I believe that despite their disability or cultural background, "every child can learn, just not on the same day or the same way".

I am preparing for a Support Group Meeting this morning for our new DCPS special education teachers. I am doing this, among other things, as part of my initiative as a WTU Vice President of Special Education to help the WTU Leadership to proactively reach out and support our special educators. I have created an evaluation flipchart so we can also use the Activote and Activboard as a collaborative tool for DCPS educators for professional development.Here's an online evaluation too.Click Here to take survey

I am maximizing the use of my Activclassroom, aside from teaching and learning, we also use my classroom regularly for professional development and collaborative meeting school wide every Thursday with our Math Department, every Tuesday and Thursday with our afterschool program for Asian students (The Chinatown Project), and now district wide with our monthly support group meetings.

It is not impossible anymore that my exceptional needs students will be interviewing book authors and successful people with disabilities. I am also excited for my class to interact with other 21st century classrooms in the country and across the globe. It will be soon that teachers who will be attending the professional development workshops to be held in my classroom will be able to attend webinars facilitated by top special education reformers. Promethean has already told me that this board is also capable of this 21st century technology.
It won't be long...


Dee Does The District said...

I'll send you an e-mail, too, but how was this meeting publicized? I would love to attend any future meetings!!

ms.angala said...

Hey DDD :)

Does it have to be publicized? I respond to teachers who ask me for support and assistance and we schedule the time together. Sure:) shoot me an email!

Dee Does The District said...

I just sent an email to your DCPS account. I couldn't find your personal address!

ms.angala said...

C U on Tue!

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