Thursday, February 19, 2009


Thanks to everyone who emailed me, and Twittered me, and left their messages in this blog, and to all who are sharing my excitement!
I was INSPIRED to use the free trial of the ActivSoftware Inspire today to my students, everyone was eager to go up the Activboard and then save their works. We finally used the Activotes this morning too and enjoyed it tremendously! Because it was a hit, we invited a whole class of regular students in my resource classroom to join us and also try the Activote themselves. Their teacher and I decided that we are going to do this regularly and we are going to call it "Technology Thursday" students working together with his class in an inclusion setting!
Was I sleepy or just plain careless when I submitted my entry last Friday? Fortunately, I did not omit a letter in typing my email address when I submitted my application for my entry, I received a message from Promethean Americas tonight:
Dear Maria,

As you know from following Twitter, you are the grand prize winner of Promethean’s Activsoftware Blogging competition. Congratulations again! You must be excited!

My group coordinates community and media relations programs for Promethean and I personally enjoyed spending time in your blog. Several of us learned a few new things!

You will be receiving:

(1) Activboard+2(32) Activexpressions or Activotes (your choice)(1) Activsoftware Inspire Edition(1) Activslate(1) Activtablet(2) Activpens

I am not sure if it is due to an entry error or on our side, but your telephone number as input in the contest is missing a digit! So I was not able to contact you personally via telephone today. Please confirm your telephone number and let me know a good time to contact you between now and next Tuesday. I look forward to meeting you via telephone.


Promethean Americas

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