Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anything for my exceptional needs students...

Hardwork pays exceptional needs students are working very very hard and they will be rewarded...

Twitter kept me waiting last night for the results of the ActivSoftware Inspire Edition Blogging Contest. I couldn't wait for this little birdie to bring the good news because I needed to go to bed early for work tomorrow, can't face the class with huge eyebags. I was not expecting to win anyways, I was just excited to see who's the lucky teacher to give her students an ActivClassroom.

When I woke up, went straight to check the Activblogs, I was frozen I couldn't believe my eyes...


Promethean is proud to announce the winners of our Activsoftware Inspire Edition / Activinspire Blogging Contest! The winning entries are listed below. On Friday we’ll be announcing USA Honorable Mentions as well as top posts from around the world.

In addition to added value for multiple blog posts and the incorporation of external links and research, submissions were primarily scored for the following criteria:

  • 1. Originality (25%)
  • 2. Relevance to Teaching (25%)
  • 3. Effective Use of Multimedia (50%)
After viewing and reviewing blogposts from classrooms across the USA, the following received the highest scores:

1st Prize - (Multiple Posts)
Maria Angala
Special Ed Teacher, Grades 6-8
Jefferson Middle School
Washington, DC

Miss Angala contributed several posts about her experiences using the new software. She incorporated online research and cross-linking, used twitter to follow news and updates on the software, researched other blogpost entries from around the world and embedded several forms of multimedia including news media broadcasts in her posts.

She wins a complete Activclassroom:

(1) Activboard+2
(32) Activexpressions or Activotes (your choice)
(1) Activsoftware Inspire Edition
(1) Activslate(1) Activtablet
(2) Activpens
Thank you! You'll never know how much this means to our exceptional students in my school!


Anonymous said...



Dr. Collins said...

Mrs. Angala,

Oh, this is just fantastic, and I am so glad you went for it after we discussed the possibilities. Please know that this reflects true dedication, leadership, and a sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of your students and now, others that you have indirectly impacted through accomplishment. It is wonderful to know that educators around the world will get to know that a teacher from of all places, the Wash DC Public Schools in the Nations Capitol won this award. You have consistently worked to improve the learning opportunities for students in your care and you must now feel so very proud.


Do not back away from the opportunity to lead when others contact you, (and they will) for leadership and insights to improve their own work. It has been truly a pleasure to work with you over the last few months and we look forward to continuing to the next level.

Today is your day, enjoy:

Jacob Collins, Ed.D &
Gary Goodman

Wilma said...

Congratulations! Ms.Sol...U deserved it..

Lena Kline said...

Congrats! I do hope you are smiling as much as we are for your hardwork and dedication.

Very proud of you and your classroom.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you ever need anything,

Lena Kline
Senior Area Manager
Promethean Inc
Maryland, Virginia, DC

Joe Talavier said...

Congratulations Maria!!

I am glad the award went to one so deserving (I have been reading your blog and tweets)!! If you need anything feel free to get in touch. Congratulations again!!

Joe Talaiver
Teaching and Learning Consultant - VA/MD/DC
Promethean Inc.

Fred said...

Congrats mam sol.. we are very proud of u...... Magaling talaga ang PINOY

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, We are proud of you and the work you do for the children with Exceptional Needs in your school as well as Special Education teachers who you reach daily........ Always Jackie Hines

irene said...


Anonymous said...



Mr. Levi-Goerlich said...


Mr. Levi-Goerlich

Anonymous said...


Valerie Johnson said...

Your students are very lucky to have a teacher so dedicated to them.

Please let me know what I can do to support.


Valerie M. Johnson
Technology Coordinator
Jefferson Middles School
High Tech Campus

angel said...

Ms. Angala,

Once again: CONGRATULATIONS for this excellent award. You have put Jefferson MS on the Map and all by yourself!!

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication on behalf of our students.

Best Regards,

Angel Hartley
Literacy Professional Developer
Jefferson Middle School

elsa said...

Congratulations Ms. Angala for Winning the FIRST PLACE in the Activboard web competition!
We are proud of you!

Go Jefferson Go!


Elsa Frayre-Domingo
Math Professional Developer
Jefferson Middle School
High Tech campus

monica said...

Congratulations! This is most deserved. All the best---Monica PS This is wonderful for the entire Jefferson community.

Anonymous said...

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Chel SOmbillo

pablo said...


Congratulations! My Name is Pablo Diaz and I was the runner up in the Inspire blog contest. You are very deserving and it is great to see that the board is in great hands. I read other posts of yours and you noted that you had not had training on the software. I have had a bit of training and I have even made a video tutorial called the 4 minute flip chart on my website Take care and have fun with your board and expressions!
Sincerely, Pablo Diaz

Danny Nicholson said...

congratulations ;)

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