Friday, February 13, 2009

Promethean Board and Special Education

The deadline for the ActivSoftware Inspire Edition blogging contest was at 12:00mn. I wonder who's winning the ActivClassroom. I just followed the ActivTweets last night and just noticed that I had a message from them from February 11. I have blogged several entries about the Promethean Board, and I will keep blogging about how my students are loving it.

I have seen the effect of this powerful IWB to my students, and I sincerely wanted for the rest of the special needs students in my school to also have this in the other resource classrooms. So I told my special education coordinator that I was going to submit my entry for the contest. I saw some excellent entries from other teacher bloggers of the review of the ActivSoftware Inspire, all I can say is that it's really a lot better and that it has more features that are more appealing to the students and are user friendly to the teachers! My students will LOVE the new icons!
I did not get a formal training on the applications yet because I just recently got my Promethean Board, It was a struggle creating a flipchart. I am well used to creating PowerPoint Presentations for my students and what used to be my problem with the ActivStudio was that it was confusing for me to put together a flipchart with the Flipchart Builder. So I just download them from the Promethean Planet or convert my PPTs to flipcharts. But with this new software, it's now easy to create my own flipchart as the page browser of flipcharts now looks the same as the PPT. Also, with the ActivStudio, my students were getting confused with how to save their work without messing with the original flipcharts. Now with the Inspire Edition, the "Save As" or "Save" browser can be easily found. The coolest part that my students will really appreciate is that they will be able to use the Promethean Board now at the same time, no more frustrations with working together on the board like before.
Other teacher bloggers were able to demonstrate it better and I realized that I really need to learn how to do screencasting now. I will have another chance next time, and promise that I will do better so I can get more resources for the special needs students in my school.

I have read and watched from the news how the Promethean Board affects other special education classrooms in other school districts. Just last night, I was emailed this link from Fox News Birmingham (AL). They featured a 100% special needs ActivClassroom, which again validated my experiences with the Promethean Board:

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