Monday, March 30, 2009

Spread the Word To End the Word

I call myself an accidental Special Educator, because it wasn’t my plan to be in this field. I finished BS Family Life and Child Development in the Philippine’s most prestigious University. Growing up with my grandparents who are both doctors, everyone who knew me as a child believed that I was destined to become a doctor. And I was in medicine proper, in full scholarship, when I realized I was called for another profession. I may have failed everybody but I did not fail myself, I believe I am now in a better position.

I did not become a doctor; I became a special education teacher. I don’t look after people’s physical health but the children’s mental health. I don’t dissect people’s brain but their minds. I don’t open people’s hearts but I am able to touch their hearts. Most importantly, I am able to save their lives in a different way. I expect myself to hold on to my advocacy of making a big difference in my students' lives.
Working with exceptional children made me realize that, just like the regular children, they need us to make them feel important. They yearn for our love and affection.
Working with them has helped me to view these kids as productive individuals not merely the “least ones”, for they have exceptional qualities that are waiting to be discovered.
They don't deserve to be given our leftovers: leftover love, leftover laughter, leftover stories, leftover patience, leftover kindness, leftover energy...
Moreover, they don't deserve to be called the "R-Word".

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