Sunday, April 12, 2009

And off it goes...

I can now relax and focus on more pressing concerns that affect my profession. I finally shipped my Blue Box for my National Board Certification this morning. The long wait for the results is going to be more excruciating. But I am confident that I will certify this time...2 points more... I just hope that nothing goes wrong technically. Wish me luck.

What if I don't certify? It doesn't matter. I definitely feel that I am a better teacher now than three years ago before I started the National Board process. I have completely forgotten myself and focused solely to improving my teaching as measured by student achievement. Spending more than 200 hours every year during the process, constant reflection of teaching practices, video review of my lessons making sure that it has rigor, collating evidence and artifacts of student achievement, going back and forth over and over. This process has made me the teacher that my students deserve.

I am glad that I do not have to leave the classroom to achieve recognition. I can become accomplished even if I do not become an administrator. I love being a classroom teacher knowing that I am directly impacting the lives of my students.

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