Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009 Outstanding Special Education Teacher Award

One of my favorite students and the most challenging one did the unimaginable in my classroom after I left the school the other day. It just made my entire day yesterday one of the worst in my life! Since the moment I entered my classroom first thing in the morning, I couldn't focus anymore, just the thought made me want to throw up, I couldn't eat, my energy was drained and was having a migraine all day long! I am not going to tell what happened. I just reminded myself that my love for my students is unconditional, and I love my job because I am directly and positively impacting their lives. This is just one of those days that made me want to cry...

Before I left the school building in the afternoon, my principal told me : "I have something for you, see me before you leave". I said "A gift? Our birthday is coming up!", I was kidding her because we have the same birthday!

So I went to her office before signing out. She gave me a folder and she said, "Congratulations for being the recipient of a national award!" Surprised, I opened the folder and saw an award certificate from the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) which reads:

Be it known that Maria Lourdes C. Angala is the recipient of the Outstanding Special Education Teacher Award.

This certificate is hereby conferred to Maria Lourdes C. Angala to honor and recognize the dedication, loyalty, perseverance, and enthusiasm given to the exceptional students at the Jefferson Middle School. Presented by The National Association of Special Education Teachers 2008-2009.

There was a letter to my principal letting her know of the award bestowed upon me, and also a copy of the 3-page nomination essay submitted by one of my colleagues who believes in me. This job indeed is the most challenging but for me the most rewarding. What keeps me going? You!


Kevin Hodgson said...

Wonderful news.

Mommy Tess said...

wow ! ang galing mo! congaratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you!!!!! I am so proud of you. Your strength, servitude, leadership and most of all energy. Continue ALL of your good works.

Angela Stephens

marie said...

Congratulations, Maria, I am so happy for you. I know you work hard every day for your students. It is always wonderful to know that others appreciate what you do.


Anonymous said...

Teacher Sol,

You deserve it, CONGRATULATIONS!

Helen and Eddie

ms.angala said...

To everyone and to those who emailed privately,

:D Thanks for all your kind words!



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