Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I'm back!

Just letting my readers know that I still have my job :) I apologize that I haven't been blogging for almost two months because I had to make sure that I am doing what is expected of me as an effective educator more than a teacher blogger.
I was so devastated over the weekend about last Friday's RIF, I had one teacher very close to me (first year new teacher) laid off. We worked together in an inclusion setting, and I saw how he worked very hard to become a better teacher. What breaks my heart is that I saw his passion to make a difference with the kids. My heart was crushed when he told me and before he left all that I could tell him was "Don't stop believing... you are a making a difference, don't let anybody tell you otherwise" I am going to see him again, I know, because I saw that he is a potential teacher leader and he will not let this experience break his dream of becoming an accomplished educator. Passing by his empty classroom now just hurts me. Twelve people in my school received the termination letters last Friday, anyone could feel the intensity of devastation around the building. And I still had to do a presentation to citywide teachers with the WTU/AFT in the evening, did my best, and went well. The show must go on despite everything.
I am covering the big rally on Thursday here in my blog with some live video clips...at least I will try. I just received my new "toy" from Cisco, a Flip Ultra HD Camcorder another grant for my students. I started using it last week to document how my students are learning in my class, we are putting together their first advisory project and they are having fun recording themselves. Now, I want to see how I can use this to document this big event on Thursday's rally here in my blog.
Thanks for your emails asking how I am doing. Yes, I missed blogging. I have a lot more stories, I am learning a lot from my everyday experiences as a DCPS teacher going through a massive education reform. This too shall pass...

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