Friday, January 01, 2010

Looking back...moving forward in 2010

It's time to reflect...did I do well with my last year's resolutions? Yes I did, because I made sure that my goals were attainable :D Thumbs up for that! I will carry on and will not change anything in the list but I will add a major goal for this year.
Since I got reconnected with my family, best friends, sorority sisters, childhood friends and classmates back home through Facebook (yes, I just started FB two weeks ago, surprised?!), I've been painfully longing to go back home to the Philippines and visit the places where I grew up. I want to see the people who has shaped me to be the person that I am today, who has given me the moral foundation that I need to survive life's challenges and has instilled to me the values and principles that I live up to now.
I want to go back to the place that used to be my playground - the family's beach resort. I miss the crashing cymbals, and sacred lull of the sea at dawn of my family's "paraiso". I loved having my head in the clouds when I was a little girl, and liked playing along the shore when the tide was low. I got these photos from my brother's Facebook page. Now you understand why this is one of the reasons why coming home is going to be on top of my priority list this year. It's been six years and it's about time for my kids to know their roots, and to pay respect to our relatives who left before us.
The rest of my goals stay the same as last year's but with more desire and stronger conviction to achieve and succeed. Right now, I feel the need for speed...2010 is my year!
Here are the things that are effectively working every year that I will continue to do:

- Make MORE and MORE things happen, I am happy with what I have accomplished this past year but I am not yet satisfied. There are many things that still have to be done, and I will make them happen this coming year. I have this compelling and obsessive behavior to always produce more results in everything that I do.
- Persist EVEN MORE, press harder and FASTER! Even when my mind and body signal perfectly good reasons for giving up, I go on. I am very independent and self-reliant, and I have the resources that I need because I make the best from what I am given. .

- STAY ToughER. People who are close to me know that I am very tough inside. I need to be tough to be able to do the big things in life like taking risks, admitting mistakes; and to do the little things like biting my tongue, waiting my turn, and putting up with some people. I realized that I have to temper toughness with kindness; I realized that many times it is be tough to be kind. I have learned that good leadership is about good relationships. I can make more things happen and can produce more results when I have a good relationship with everyone.

To all those who helped me make things happen in 2009, rest assured that I am with you and together we will make MORE things happen in 2010. Let's keep going...
P.S. Will I still have time to write the next chapter of my book? Not sure, we'll see...


Anonymous said...

I am a new teacher at DCPS and without a mentor and coach and to be honest feel like giving up, I just don't know how to keep on going. Last year I worked all the time and went to college, it got to a point where I would stay up all night trying to make sense of what I was teaching but to no avail as I scored badly on IMPACT. I feel like I could be a good teacher, but as a new teacher in the program I feel so unsupported and lost, it seems like DCPS is there to tear new teachers down not support them. Your blog is so positive, what advice do you have ? How can I keep going when I feel like giving up? Incidentally, I am also a foreigner and the whole school system is still a mystery to me and I find that things are not explained because everyone takes it for granted that you should know the system already, the American way. I know I can do better but feel demoralized.

Maria Angala said...

I perfectly understand how you feel, I was in your exact predicament not too long ago...

You are a great teacher and you are making a big difference to your students, please do not let anybody tell you otherwise.

Please email me: ...we need to sit down and talk, I am willing to support you and be your mentor every step of the way... tough times never last but tough people do!

Stay positive!


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