Monday, April 12, 2010

Re: National Board in the WTU-DCPS Tentative Agreement

I received some comments on my last entry, I emailed my response to my colleagues (several lines edited):

Hello everyone,

Buena lunes! (attempting to learn Spanish *smile*)

I've been getting good responses from the NBCTs about my previous entry on the "National Board in the WTU-DCPS Tentative Agreement"; thank you, please keep it coming. It is good because it served my purpose of keeping you informed and getting your feedback about it. Most of the comments were full of concern about the future funding of the stipends for our aspiring National Board Candidates.

I was wondering the same thing: if the stipend is gone for our future NBCTs after November 1, 2010.

After the WTU General Assembly last week at Mc Kinley SHS on the WTU-DCPS Tentative Agreement, I was rushing to go to the WTU Office for another meeting. A reporter ambushed me and dropped the bomb: "Is it really true that the teachers are just going for the money?" I did not blink and never hesitated to answer, "No, it is not all about the money. The members want teacher focused high quality services so that we can better support and help our students become successful. It's all about our students." And he left.

Colleagues, this is not the end of the road. President George Parker and his contract negotiations team were able to push for three more years of financial incentives for accomplished teaching for NBCTs from 2007-2010. Now we need to assert ourselves and help WTU explain to DCPS why we need to encourage our most effective educators in DCPS to take the National Board Certification, how it has been life changing for us and for our students, present our data of student achievement...we are the experts who understand meaningfully what the teachers should know and be able to do to. We, the National Board Certified Teachers, are knowledgeable on this and can effectively demonstrate this according to the national teaching standards. That's why we need to speak up and let our voice be heard.

I believe that most of us, aside from being teacher leaders, are collaborators. I am setting up a meeting with President George Parker for the National Board Certified Teachers. We are going to work with him to make things happen for our teachers and our students. He has a vision for the NBCTs in DC, we need to hear from him and I am very sure that he will listen to us. And if you are attending any of the Informational Sessions on Tues/ Thurs, please proudly wear your pin, it makes us very distinguished.

We are fighting for the same cause, we need to have one voice. One team, one fight!

Let's keep the fire burning!


Maria Angala, NBCT (Exceptional Needs Specialist)
WTU Vice President of Special Education

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