Monday, April 12, 2010

Tips for Teachers: Discussing Education Policy

In preparation for the upcoming Informational Sessions and other meetings with our education policymakers, I would like to share these "Tips for Teachers on Discussing Education Policy" from a team of National Board Certified Teachers working as Teaching Ambassadors to the US Department of Education. We want our meetings with our education policymakers (Union leaders, Central Office administrators, City Council members etc...) to be productive, collaborative and professional.

Know the issue
- Be ready to present your points succinctly (30 sec, 1 min, 3 min)
- Know the opposition's side and be able to counter them
- Maintain your enthusiasm and sincerity
- Use a sense of humor and the ability to roll with the punches
- Know the people you are talking to and their staff (They can make or break opportunities to speak with their boss)

- Address the person properly
- Identify yourself immediately at each contact. If you have a businesscard have it handy.
- Refer to the topic you want to discuss early in the conversation.
- Use your own words.
- Establish your own credentials - why are you an expert on this topic?
- If possible give the person something in writing to which they can refer later.
- If something is said off-the-record always respect that and keep it confidential.
- Follow up in writing, making sure to include your contact information.

- Don't begin your discussion with a threatening language: "As a citizen..."
- Don't apologize for taking up their time. Just be brief and to the point.
- Don't argue or back someone into a corner.
- Don't send copies of a form letter, unless you take the time to include a personal note.


Robert said...

Education Tips

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Education Tips

Robert said...

Teaching Tips

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