Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teaching is a work of heart

I had a chance to meet and greet our excited new DCPS teachers last week during their 3-day New Teachers Orientation. Every year this event makes me remember the time when I was new in DCPS, I did not get this kind of orientation because I came in during the middle of the school year.

It is a challenge working in a very political environment in the midst of education reform. My advice to my colleagues:

- do not fall prey to victimization,
- read your WTU-DCPS contract to know your rights,
- be aware of the issues affecting your job,
- cooperate and have a good relationship with everyone in your school community, and most importantly,
- focus on what you are expected to do as highly effective teachers.

Please remember that we are not victims of our jobs, we picked our jobs. Pessimism is a dangerous road that leads to anger, frustration, self- righteousness and all that is harmful to the children whose lives we continue to influence daily.

Teachers make a difference. This job is reserved only for those willing to rise to meet all of its many challenges, to give ourselves completely and give some more.

I am currently reading this book, I feel my battery recharged and ready to get back to work tomorrow!...

Teachers ROCK!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Teacher SOL,

I am a new ESL teacher teaching at DCPS and in grad school for ESOL K-12. Before applying I was torn between ESL and Special Ed. and so I took the Praxis II for both and passed. I have one more year at AU to finish my masters in ESL but was wondering what do I need to do to become duel certified as a licensed SpEd teacher as well. Do I just need to take some Sped classes? I ask because after talking to some SpEd Teaching Fellows they told me that DCPS does not require them to take SpEd classes except one and the rest are general ed. classes. Thank you in advance.

Maria Angala, NBCT said...


Great to have you with us here in DCPS...welcome!!!

To answer your question, please make sure to get accurate information from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), please visit their website @ As a new teacher, it is imperative for you to get certified in either ESL or SPED as soon as possible, and to do this you are required to pass all portions of the PRAXIS 1 also. Congratulations for passing Praxis 2 for both ESL and SPED, that is exceptional, you can be a bilingual special education teacher after you complete all the requirements mandated by OSSE. Hit me back anytime, I can be reached 24/7.

All the best!

- Teacher Sol -

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