Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do not underestimate the Power of One with God in his midst

Bettina, my friend's (Jasmin) sister shared:

"A friend wrote an eloquent note on Pacman's last bout that earned him his 8th world championship title. He is now unequivocally the best fighter in the world. Raul began with the same question I would pose for I share the same sentiment, "Why do we seem to take delight in seeing a contest that require ...two men to beat each other to a bloody pulp with their bare hands? Do we savor such savagery? I must admit, I used to look at boxing with disgust & distaste.

I saw it as a throwback to those dark days when arguments were settled with a blunt instrument or a sword, and when murdering hundreds of thousands in the name of God and country no longer entailed accountability because no court in the world was capable of trying a crime of such magnitude. Boxing was an ode to bloodlust, a remnant of an ancient vice in a civilized world.

Then, with Manny came an epiphany. In an interview after his match with the Mexican Antonio Margarito, he recounted how, in the 11th round, he was pleading for the referee to stop the fight.... There was no point in letting him fight on. He no longer had any chance of winning, and any more punishment from Manny would’ve likely knocked his right eye off its socket. So, on the last round, Manny took mercy. He punched rarely, and allowed his foe to finish on his feet. Recounting the 11th later, he said: “I told the referee, ‘Look at his eyes, look at his cuts’. I did not want to damage him permanently. That’s not what boxing is about."

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is a quintessentially rare, 21st century world-class hero in this egocentric world of politicians and athletes. He embodies the A+ traits of a champion defined by his traits of action, speech, thought & character. He consistently acts like a true winner and champion, inside and outside of the boxing ring: he commands power & respect yet reticent, fun & humble, deeply faithful, prayerful & wise yet patriotic & a laudable civil servant/congressman, & circumspect, coherent speaker and creative singer but seldom cinematic, benevolent & caring yet emphatic, an autodidact yet witty, and the smartest boxer, focused & courageous centered and with a well managed ego.

He is a well-evolved sample of a man who has had very humble yet stalwart roots and foundation and a deeply principled mother.

He embodies everything that is good in every Filipino at home, & the Filipino Diaspora around the globe for decades migrated that nearly left our country brain drained due to years of systematic plunder by avaricious & deeply corrupt leaders. Many nouveau riche still treat the poor like chattels that the country remains one of the oldest Feudal societies.

His actions are deeply rooted down to his faith that for every powerful punch that he releases, it is almost a living metaphor for God’s divine power and mercy.

His humility and commanding power & strength give us so much pride to the poor brown man in Asia empowered by God's love & grace. Pacman makes me so proud to be Filipina diaspora, and a true patriot to the core, a true child of God in words and in action. Do not underestimate the Power of One with God in his midst. Mabuhay ka (Long Live) Manny Pacquaio!"

Can't wait for Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao bout...

"Filipino Ang Lahi Ko" by Pacman

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