Saturday, February 12, 2011

From a colleague in Franklin, TN

I was adding my last photos last night on the album that I created on Facebook on my teacher conventions around the country with the National Writing Project. The NWP convention in Nashville TN was one of the best! Then I received an email from a special education teacher in Franklin, TN...

Hi Ms. Angala,

I just caught up on your blog today and was so encouraged in your response to the teacher from Ohio. I too, feel exactly like her and I have used your blog as a weekly resource to help me in so many ways. I am a first year special education teacher and it is overwhelming. I felt like your response to her was one to me as well. Thank you so much for your work and effort in maintaining your blog. It is an incredible tool and one that is very much needed and appreciated.

Best regards,

D. S.
Franklin, TN


Hello D.S.,

Thank you for your kind words and glad to know that through my blog I am somehow positively impacting new teachers as well. It was "double the challenge" for me when I was a new teacher in the inner-city school where I teach (still here!). Coming from the Philippines it was a difficult adjustment for me in all major areas of my life and all levels of teaching and learning framework. My survival and success not only was a result of my persistence but also because of the support systems from the experts and well experienced educators, high quality professional development trainings and innovative resources.

Teaching is a highly skilled craft, requiring patience, commitment, dedication, a sincere love of children, charisma, confidence, and competence. You are a new teacher, you know that it is your sincere desire to be successful, to inspire, to touch lives, and to make a difference. Seek out the most positive, enthusiastic, successful teacher around you, reach out to her and learn from her.

Hey, you have chosen the most noble of all the best teacher that you can be...I believe in you!! Cheers!!


Maria Angala, NBCT
Washington, DC

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