Thursday, April 07, 2011

Statement of Solidarity (TDC's 5th Anniversary)

The Pinoy Teachers Network (PTN) in the USA would like to congratulate the Teachers Dignity Coalition (TDC) and all of its local sites in all parts of the Philippines on this important occasion of its 5th anniversary. Since its inception in 2006 the TDC has been the torch that lights the way of our teachers in the Philippine public schools during this time of struggles in our profession.

There will be no justice unless the dignity of all people in every profession is respected. In the past five years, the TDC has been challenged to protect the rights of every public school teacher from unfair labor practices, arbitrary and capricious terminations and to uphold the dignity and respect in the teaching profession.

From the words and example of the TDC and PTN teacher leaders, we come to a new appreciation of the Filipino teaching profession that brings with it the spirit of solidarity and collaboration, commitment to share our wealth of knowledge and experiences with each other, the building-up of the common good, and concern of the rights of all Filipino teachers everywhere around the world.

Let us strive to honor our God Almighty and our Filipino national heroes by serving as a voice for those who are voiceless in the four corners of our classrooms and the hallways of our schools. We must continue to organize and mobilize ourselves, fuel the flames, and empower each other. We need to make everyone in our country aware, most especially those who are making decisions that directly affect our teaching profession, that we are not mere instruments but the key players in the education arena.

Please know that each of us Filipino teacher has a voice that must speak out loudly and cry out for justice. Our students are counting on us, for they have been let down too often, we must stand up and speak up our concerns.

To the TDC Teacher Leaders, do not be intimidated by this responsibility; it is a blessing to be in a position to help another. The only way we can fail is to stop using our voices on behalf of the voiceless.

Let’s keep the fire burning…kayang kaya basta sama sama!

In solidarity,

Marisol Cribe-Angala, NBCT
PTN, Washington DC

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