Friday, August 07, 2015

We Will Soon Be #NBCTstrong

During one of our sessions at our Back-To-School Union Leadership Institute last Tuesday, I couldn't help sharing my wonderful experiences passionately with my colleagues as a National Board Certified Teacher to encourage more great teacher leaders to go through the process of becoming an accomplished teacher. I was surprised when most of them appeared to not know about it or have not heard about it until I brought up the topic. After my short discussion, the teacher beside me expressed that he has been actively looking for a board exam for teachers, something similar to what his wife has been through to become a professional medical practitioner, and was glad to hear me talk about it.
I was impressed with his persistence and determination when he emailed me first (before I was able to do it as promised) to show his excitement about getting started! I would like to share our correspondence (his name altered) because I believe it is significant, and that I have shared with him information that will be disseminated to teachers soon.
Today at 8:52am
Hi Maria!
It was a pleasure meeting you at that PHENOMENAL WTU conference. I am super excited about beginning my NBCT journey. Thank you for your support in advance and I hope we get a chance to discuss the future of my NBCT journey soon.
P.S. Your blog is super amazing!
Today at 8:59pm
Hi Kobi,
Thank you for your kind words!
It was great to know that you are interested in becoming National Board Certified, I can't wait to have our system of supports here in Washington DC started for you and the rest of our future DC NBCTs! We will soon be launching the DC NBCT Network to help our NBC candidates with tools and resources to certify. We will also increase the use of technology: Podcasts, Facebook, blog, webinars, NBCT Link, SKYPE, phone conferences, monthly newsletters with active links, and DC NBCT Network updated website as a means to communicate and support NBCTs and candidates. Additionally, our WTU President and I will be having a meeting with the CEO of our DC Teachers Federal Credit Union on Monday (August 10) at 10am to negotiate for a 0% interest loan/ financial assistance as part of their membership services. There will also be PD grants available for you to take advantage of to help with the costs of NBC application.
These we do in our NBCT Network because we believe in teachers like you, and we know that with the National Board as our tool, and our union as our voice, we can elevate the teaching profession, retain and reward accomplished teachers and be the best school district in the country!
In the meantime, I would like you to look at these resources to give you an idea of the process and supports currently in place:
- where you will find the instructions and information on how to start the process of getting board certified.
- where you can apply for a pilot/ test drive of the certification in your content area so you know how it works before getting into the actual process, no cost to you (free), and you earn your PLU credits.
- NBPTS videos that show what people say about National Board Certification to inspire you and to give you additional information from the experts and other educators.
You will soon receive an NBCT Needs Survey, which will be sent to other teachers too, to get a feel what DC teachers need to get certified successfully. Please let me know what else I can do to assist you, keep me posted and I will do the same! Have a great weekend!
Maria Angala, NBCT

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