Sunday, November 08, 2015

#FirstBook2Philippines Launching at The Philippine Embassy w @FirstBook


Listening to the successful projects of our community leaders, I am even more inspired to take action and make a huge impact in the lives of our children in Haiyan affected areas back home.

Initially, in October 2013, when I first talked to Tom Moran, the person who leads the First Book partnership for American Federation of Teachers, after a friend from AFT introduced me to him, I thought of doing this in a depressed area in my hometown in Bicol Region. After the hurricane hit Central Philippines in November 2013, I believe the kids in Tacloban area need us more than ever.

How do we transform this negative experience into a positive one so that these children will end up better, stronger, and resilient persons? How can we help replace hundreds and thousands of damaged books in schools and libraries in Central Philippines?

This is where YOU can come in to help us…

I would like to ask our philanthropists, humanitarians, and all of YOU who wants to help to donate to our fundraising campaign. Your $20 will purchase 5 brand new books for our students, 10 books for $40, and 100 books for $400. We have a fundraising campaign website which Katie & Emily will present to you in a minute, and we also have donation forms for those who would prefer to do it cash. I believe that when we all come together, we can meet a very ambitious goal of $150K in 150 days for 40,000 books to send to our students in Tacloban. Please help us promote our campaign via newspapers, television ads, social networking tools like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogs.

I know you are asking, “How do we ship 40,000 books to the Philippines?” ForEx Balikbayan Box agreed to a 40% discount for shipment as part of their charity services, and my good friend, Benjo Basas, who leads the Teachers Dignity Coalition on a National level has been working with us to make the logistics smooth to make sure the books will get to the hands of our students in July 2016 on time for the beginning of a new school year.

I am hoping that these books will provide some comfort and maybe, in some small way, change a life. I can't wait to make this happen! Special thanks to our Ambassador’s wife, Mrs. Cuisia, for her full support of this project, and all of our community partners, maraming maraming salamat po!


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