Friday, March 03, 2006

AUTISM: Schools Lack Speech Pathologists

As a special education teacher, I do not work in isolation; I work cooperatively with other teachers, parents, social workers, speech pathologists, special ed coordinator and other specialists in the field to provide meaningful instruction and support for my students and, thus, further their academic performance in school. I work closely in a collaborative relationship with these professionals about several issues in order for the special ed program at Jefferson Junior High School be effective: student assessment, classroom resource management, curriculum design and implementation, integration opportunities, social problem solving curriculum, behavior management and working with parents. Thus, I call myself a collaborative teacher too.

Even when I was still back home in the Philippines, I've always worked with these professionals in the field. Most importantly I know the importance of each of them in helping maximize the potentials of a special child, it would be very difficult to have a wholistic program without any of the members in the team...most specially the Speech Pathologist.

Schools lack speech pathologists

The rise in children with autism is fueling demand for school speech pathologists, but many graduates of college programs often prefer to enter private practice, which offers less risk of litigation and more flexibility. To the concern of one American Speech-Hearing-Language Association official, some innovative districts are covering the shortfall in trained professionals by hiring unqualified assistants. Los Angeles Daily News (1/9)


Owen FV said...

i don't understand it right if there is really an increase in numbers of autistic kids or just because the technology we have doesn't let a case go undetected.

just a thought...

Fred said...

Great post, Sol. I work daily with my colleagues in Special Ed. -- it's most definitely a team effort.

Dr. Emer said...

Dito sa atin, kelangan din siguro ng speech path. I think there are more autistic children here than what is being reported.

Major Tom said...

This is one development in education that needs really to be given attention by school administrators. Just like the education itself, the pupil should learn to be sociable and as you said, collaborative. Team participation and the ability of one to work in a group environment is primordial to the wholeness of the individual.

work opportunities said...

You gave me an interesting idea. Thx.

Steve @

bingskee said...

dr emer is right, mas marami ang hindi narereport. i think walang speech pathologists sa mga special schools dito sa atin.

Terr said...

Miss Sol,
My name is Terr we seem to have alot in common.
Although i have intelectual problems including spelling, i wish to write my story of life. For i have told the story in short and most say it is very insperational. My mother calls me a walking talking merical.
I love to write and whant to share my so-called insperation and strangth (i was dignosed with a rare and dangorous cancer at the tender age of 2 1/2. I thout you might be able to help me start a autobiography.
Pls write to me I’ll expain my life a bit if you wish.

Thank you very much.

Owen FV said...

teacher sol! updates! updates! i miss your stories!

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