Sunday, April 30, 2006

Student CyberJournalists

I just finished creating the personal websites/blogs of the Jeff Student CyberJournalists. Here are they:

JEFFERSON Student CyberJournalists (click on their name):

- Miles S., grade 8, Exceptional Child
- Jouella Marie F., grade 7 ESL
- Catalina C., grade 7 ESL
- Makda M., grade 8
- Ying Yu C., grade 7 ESL
- Jasmine, grade 7
- Rikaya F., grade 8
- Rinita H., grade 8
- William J., grade 8
- Kanisha M., grade 8, Exceptional Child

These are the students (very diverse) which are selected and invited who would want to write for the Jefferson Online Newsletter in collaboration with their writing mentors.

We would want this group to be exclusive by invitation only so we can focus in training each writer to better their craft. Eventually, these students will be invited by the DC Area Writing Project to be trained during the Summer Youth Writers Camp. They are also encouraged to have CyberPals (instead of "pen pals"), have their own personal webpages/blogs, publish podcasts and videocasts, and are encouraged to read and give feedback to each others' poetry and writings interstate and across countries.

The National Commission on writing asks for the time writing deserves in the curriculum. It explores how technology can be used to advance writing and examines the dimensions of a responsible and effective assessment system. I believe I have a principled idea for advancing writing in compliance with the district and state requirements.


vina said...

hi sol! just to let you know that i greatly admire what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

hi i was just wondering, i was a parent at jefferson and there aint a cyberpal, or bein in the national competition. i would want u to know not to give false info about these kids.

ms.angala said...

Hi! Thanks for your feedback. I just want to clarify that I do not give false information in my blog especially with my teaching experiences and practices. I am sorry that you didn't know about the CyberPals Project, your child could have benefited from it if he/she was qualified. It was a very successful collaboration with the students of my NWP colleague in Western Mass in 2005. Websites are now inactive after the culmination of the said project. We ventured on other education grants which were successful too after that...

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