Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogging & Online Publishing in Education

Blogging is a very good way for me to keep documentations of what I do in my classroom (see my class website), a means for me to collaborate with other teachers around the globe (see our Pinoy Teachers Network) and an information portal for our school (see our school website). And that's just some of the benefits I get from blogging; it's what keeping me on the go since I got hooked to it three years ago.

If not for my basic knowledge in blogging, the director of the DC Area Writing Project wouldn't have gotten me for the Technology Liaison position. Since I was appointed as the DCAWP TL, I was sent to technology and writing trainings and conferences of national teacher leaders across the US and to attend the National Writing Project Annual Conventions in different states.

On July 16 & 17, 2006, the District of Columbia Public Schools and the International Reading Association’s Urban Diversity Commission present a conference for literacy educators and policymakers: Literacy 2006: Bridging the Divide.

I am tasked to share my skills, knowledge and expertise in Blogs & Online Publication in Education.

Click on this link for my presentation:

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rhea said...

Hi Sol,

Just want to say that your talk yday was really inspiring. Dream ko tuloy mag present din like you someday. We have the same points of interest (technology in the classroom). I will be back next year ........looking forward to working with u again, God willing that Ill be staying for good..idol kita talga :) hope ur kind heart wont change.

talk to u later!

jerry f. said...

Peace, Maria.
Thanks for an informative presentation on blogging at the Literacy 2006 IRA conference at the Washington Convention Center earlier today. You have grown in both your confidence as a presenter and your thinking is even more organized than past presentations. You were able to involve participants in inquiry, use a recorded interview along with a power point slide show, and a engage participants in a writing activity.

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