Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Students' Adventures in Costa Rica

I am very excited to be able to collaborate with one of my role model teachers in the District of Columbia Public Schools. She's a recipient of different major educator awards in the nation, indeed a Distinguished Educator.

I have known Ms. Jean Savoy through our email exchanges since last year when she found my website and left a message there. I have learned that she's an admirable teacher and an educator that I want to become.

It is indeed a pleasure for me to create this E-Journal for their travel to Costa Rica and I also volunteered to be their Technology Liaison all the way. On her first entry, Ms. Savoy writes:

The kids were chosen from Coolidge, Banneker, Eastern, Dunbar and Luck C. Moore High Schools. They will spend approx 4 weeks studying and living with a family in Costa Rica for two weeks and then traveling for two more weeks throughout the country.

They will have to investigate Foods, animals, rainforests, plants, customs and habits, holidays etc of the country. They will have to present to the school board when they return. I want to do a powerpoint presentation that would include pictures of the things that they investigated as well was examples of their e journals. We will have laptop as well as digital cameras and camcorders with us. Logos and links probably should have something to do with the rainforests (I want them to know about the endangerment of the forest) and the animals found there, maybe a link to the Conserva School that they will be attending.

This is a DCPS Project, and if you want to show your support and share your thoughts and encouraging words to the students, click here: www.sjean.blog-city.com

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