Thursday, July 20, 2006

Teacher Techie Too

TM06 Day 2, Thursday

At least I now know I am not alone in being a fabulous "tech geek", I have the entire group of NWP Technology Liaisons who can relate with me with all these new tech vocabularies (blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS, bloglines,, furl, etc). Check out my new friend here:

Paige relates in her blog:
I want you to meet my new friend Maria Angala. Maria is a special education teacher and the technology liaison for the DC Area Writing Project. Maria has done a wonderfu job of creating a very professional looking blog which you can view at Check it out! As a result of my experiences in Chico, I have big plans for professional development that will share the wonderful things we can accomplish with technology; for our site, our students, and personally. You'll be hearing from me AD (after dissertation).


Paige said...

I'm so glad to know the author of this blog I can share with my MBWP friends. Thanks Maria.

stephen said...

Yes, thanks Maria.

You've got a lot of interesting info up here. After finals, I'll be able to dig in the archives a little more.

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