Sunday, July 02, 2006

Teachers/ Librarian's Real Life (Funny) Experiences

We teachers share a calling with librarians, media specialists and other information professionals: questions are at the core of our livelihood. And the questions? Well, like the librarians and teachers and publishers and others who answer them, they come in all shapes and sizes...and all levels of awareness. (This is the 2nd Part of my previous entry on this)

Could we have art books on Leonardo di Caprio and Michael Angelo?

A patron called, requesting for recipes on "Thomas Shoe". After some investigation, it was found to be tiramisu.
"I plan to move...can you help me find some reasonably priced apartments or condoms in Cincinnati?"
After requesting information on the effects of pollution on orgasm, the high school students were asked if perhaps they meant "organisms", to which they replied, "yeah, whatever."
One librarian to a library assistant on a Monday morning:
"I need the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin".
"Who is the author of that?".
Asked by a teenage girl:
"Just who was Rosetta Stone by the way?".

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