Tuesday, July 18, 2006


TM06 Day 1, Wednesday


It's difficult to control the fast explosion of internet data. The world wide web is growing fast every minute everyday. I can only do as much as the technology liaison to the DC Area Writing Project. While surfing the internet for information, people will come across valuable informations and/or unwanted/obscene informations.

I do my job as a tech liaison as I do it to my students in my classroom where I integrate writing and technology.

It's good if more often than not, they get the necessary resources they need for their topic of query. All informations are already just a click away, and research papers can be written without purging your brain/ encyclopedia, related books to retrieve and access information that you need to complete your data. But with these accessibility and convenience, I tell them to be responsible too, not to plagiarize and to always acknowledge the author of their source.

I see to it that first and foremost I educate my students about the dangers of the internet, take precautions, be responsible users of the internet and give them some Netiquette Guidelines, and the Bloggers Code of Ethics for bloggers. I cannot control the direction of where these internet users are going but making them aware of how to respond to unexpected things that are apt to happen and to ask them how to focus on what they should be surfing/ researching from the web, I think will lessen the possibility that they will fall prey to these internet predators.


troy said...


The point that you make about Netiquette and the Code of Ethics for Bloggers reminds me that it is not just about consuming information, but producing it as well. If we are teaching students how to find information, we also need to teach them how to synthesize and respond to information, too.

In fact, for me, this idea connects to Richardson's idea of connective writing in blogs (p. 32). As teachers, we would be wise to encourage students to move towards higher levels of thinking and interconnectedness between ideas, rather than simply linking to or reporting on the ideas of others.

Thanks for brining up this point about ethics and response.


kevin said...

Hi Maria

I was just reading Jared's post and he mentioned freedom for students to explore, and so it got me thinking about how to best balance between creative expression and exploration by our students (where they uncover knowledge) and being safe.


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