Thursday, January 25, 2007

Special Education Taskforce

During the WTU Special Education Taskforce Interest Meeting last Wednesday, the 17th, we came up with top three prominent issues and topics for DCPS which were addressed on our joint meeting yesterday, the 24th.

A. Compliance: IEPs/IEP Teams

1. Standards vs. IEP Goals

- How should teachers incorporate the Standards into the delivery of instruction and IEP goals? (Is the use of standards-based instruction required by Related Service Providers and Clinicians?)
- What are the legal implications for focusing on grade level and not IEP-driven instruction based on developmental level?
- If back mapping is required, what are the recommendations when there are no Standards available for early young children, overage children, and severely handicapped children?
- Why is the system requiring the completion of IEPs way before the 45 day period?
- What role should the Special Education Coordinator and local school administrator play in the development of IEPs? (Is this written and available in print for release to all appropriate teachers? Are the duties and responsibilities of Special Education Coordinators available?)

2. ENCORE/ Recordkeeping

- What is required of teachers when access to ENCORE is not available (due to lack of building-wide internet connection, slow server issues during the day, no-low knowledge- base, lack of computers, and etc.)?
- Due to the ENCORE constraints listed above, many teachers perform record management for the IEP process at home, how can teachers be compensated for the time absorbed after work-hours to perform work duties?
- What's the status of updating or reinstituting another data base system for Special Education record managing?

3. Instructional Support: Resources and Materials (next entry)

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