Thursday, July 12, 2007

On the New DCPS Chancellor

I haven't blogged for awhile. Too busy...will let you know later. A lot of things happened in our school district since. Just last Tuesday, Michelle Rhee was confirmed the new DCPS Chancellor by the City Council. The Washington Post tells all:

Council Members Irked by Pay Plan

The Accidental Omission

D.C. Council Approves Rhee as Schools Chief

Council Delays Vote on Reinoso

On the Same Team?

It Takes a City

Rhee's Determination Will Be Tested

Rhee to Be Highest-Paid School Head in D.C. Area

An Even-Bigger Schools Bureaucracy?

Rhee Gets Plaudits Before Council

Color of Cabinet Has Fenty on the Defensive

Fenty's Agent of Change

Summer Break, But Plenty of Work

Council to Challenge Rhee's Résumé


Anonymous said...

Why hold up Fenty's hand picked teammember Victor? For a good reason; he did what we teach students at every grade level not to do - PLAGARIZE - or use someone else's work/words without giving them due credit. Check out for full details. Fenty is guilty by association with Victor R. Thank goodness Vincent G. knows not to rush to judgment on a morally compromised administrator and administration. Thumbs up for Vicent. Thumbs down for Victor. Thumbs sideways for Adrian. A moral compass is in order for the takeover leaders. Hear! Hear!

Anonymous said...

Hmm........I would rather say that that's bad news because they kick the old superintendant off DCPS for nothing but for some people to protest to the DCPS parents that they kicked the superintendant for their children's education. That's not fair you know.

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