Monday, December 03, 2007

NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFICATION: Assessment Informs Instruction, Entry 1 Recommended Reference Book

Here's a book that I bought from that I would recommend for those doing Entry 1 Assessment Informs Instruction. This book Assessing Learners with Special Needs by Overton has:

- The most up-to-date information available regarding laws and policies and current trends in the reauthorization movement.
- The integration of case studies in each chapter throughout the text to facilitate better reader comprehension and application of difficult concepts.
- More emphasis on Curriculum-Based Assessment and other methods of informal academic assessment.
- Thoroughly updated discussion of all pertinent revised tests now available.
- New and in-depth Companion Website material is integrated and connected to each chapter. (

Another book that you might want to consider is Assessing Students with Special Needs by McLoughlin. A colleague of mine has this book which I borrowed for my 2nd take for this particular portfolio. During my first take I had submitted too little evidence of my work with assessment. So I had to read more and get more information on how I can do better with using assessment to help my student's needs. This book has a lot of information that we special educators need: accessibility, balanced coverage of both this formal and informal assessment, plus thorough exploration of the link between gathering information and actually using it to make informed decisions. I would recommend this book too to all my colleagues in this profession:

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Janina said...

Hi Teacher Sol,

If you had one book to choose, which one would it be? Overton or McLoughlin? I'm doing the boards now and looking for references. I want to buy one book for help in writing entry one, but can't afford both. Which would be more helpful?

Thank you and hope to hear from you!

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